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On the edge

March 2018
Through the smashed furniture and pain, he watched alcohol bring his family down. Then came his moment

Maybe it’ll work for me

March 2018
Alcohol drove her and her father apart. Then one day she needed the hope he had

Doin’ time with Aunt Suzy

March 2018
I always felt alone growing up. I started drinking at age 12. By 19, I was dealing with legal issues, and by 24, I was on my way to prison.

Watching over me

March 2018
A powerful moment on the porch one day revealed that he was taken care of all along

Right behind me

March 2018

Drunk as Dad

March 2018
Alcohol and chaos affected everyone in his house. And no one had the tools to tell the truth.

Breaking the chain

March 2018

Relax your grip

March 2018
On the beach, on a beautiful day in March, he took both hands and learned to let go

Let go of the reins

March 2018

Kicked Out Already?

March 2018
She was new and beginning to like going to AA, but this meeting said it was “closed”


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