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The January 2012 Grapevine is Here

January 2012
This month's special section is devoted to stories of young people in recovery

January 2012: Alcohol Knows No Borders

January 2012

January 2012: Not So Tough

January 2012
Just how does a bright kid end up on a couch by the railroad tracks?

January 2012: Who Is that Boy in the Painting?

January 2012
Lost in alcohol, a young man robs his own parents and can't believe who he's become

January 2012: Young, Crazy, Sober, Fun

January 2012

January 2012: Sublime Freedom

January 2012
At 13, AA saved her from a tough childhood of drinking, fighting and dodging the law

January 2012: Out of the Storm

January 2012
A newcomer explores Step One and the five ways he was definitely powerless and unmanageable

January 2012: Tolerance Is a Two-Way Street

January 2012
An AA member ponders the meaning of Tradition One and the blessing of unity

January 2012: Born to Raise Hell

January 2012
A drunken mom lost her kids—and herself—until a chance encounter with an old high school chum

January 2012: I Know That Book!

January 2012


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