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Safe landing

August 2015
A pilot gets sober and watches her life really take off

Danger: Port Ahead

August 2015
A sailor with two years sober calls in the big guns when he hits dry land

Mary On the Go

August 2015
She used to hate traveling, but now that she's two years sober, she's hitting the road

Storm Shelter

August 2015
On a trip through Alabama, a woman finds that disaster relief includes the loving arms of AA

How to Survive Cocktail Hour at 30,000 Feet

August 2015
Facing a stressful trip to see the family on a plane without drinking booze? One guy has some tips

My Lucky Day in Vegas

August 2015
Desperate to stay sober on a business trip, a newcomer takes action and wins big

Ready to Sweep

August 2015
Step Eight reminds him which side of the street to clean

Martinis in a Mayo Jar

August 2015
This mom had a super-sized craving—and she didn’t even like martinis

Who's In Charge

August 2015
Luckily, in his quest to save AA, he ran across one of our special workers


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