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Room 307

April 2017
Alone and afraid, a young alcoholic enters a facility that will connect her to AA and a better life

Jump start

April 2017
The information he got in treatment about the program started this young man’s AA engine and put his sobriety in high gear

Basic training

April 2017
Five weeks of outpatient were the building blocks to AA and a sober life

Just released—what now?

April 2017
When it’s time to leave the facility and there’s booze on every corner, Bridging the Gap can help

Miracle in Hollywood

April 2017
After years of relapsing, he finally connected to AA at a recovery house in the town known for making dreams come true

Here come the vans

April 2017
Just when he felt too nervous to do service, some guys who needed help saved the day

Any Lengths

April 2017
A former Class A Trustee and addiction professional shares about the wonderful ride she and AA have been on for the past 26 years

Deep cleaning

April 2017
How several years of self-examination and inventories gave her peace and set her free to help others

Power of the pen

April 2017

Cake or no cake

April 2017
After moving to different towns, a member gets a big lesson in how other meetings like to clap, share, pass the basket and celebrate


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