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January 2013: Pit Stop

January 2013
She spent years hopping from bars to beds until a good friend showed her the way home

January 2013: Party Time

January 2013
How a sober teen got through graduations, dances, weddings and deaths

January 2013: On the Road to WACYPAA

January 2013
An Irish visitor and her newcomer friend take off on a sober West Coast adventure

January 2013: Mess on Campus

January 2013
Blackouts, stitches and failed classes, it was all downhill until she found AA

January 2013: Sober at 12

January 2013

January 2013: Man Up

January 2013
A young peoples’ meeting showed this “macho” guy there was another way to live

January 2013: Bright Lights of Fun

January 2013
How a young AA learned to re-define “fun,” and find a colorful new world

January 2013: Still a Great Ride

January 2013
An old-timer returns to his beloved young peoples’ group, where, long ago, he learned to survive the ups and downs of early sobriety

January 2013: My Bottom is Mine

January 2013
Was yours high or low? One alcoholic ponders the question

January 2013: The Motion Fails

January 2013
With the guidance of the group conscience, this member gets some well-earned experience on unity


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