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I Cried Almost Every Day

February 2020 | Tough Times
A mother wraps herself up in every AA tool she can after the tragic loss of her husband

All Things Are Possible

February 2020 | Tough Times
After a mother loses her son, she finds that listening and sharing are beautiful gifts she can give others

Time to Redecorate

February 2020 | Tough Times
That picture needed to come down, but what could she do? Why, bring it to the group for a vote, of course!

From three and a Half Feet

February 2020 | Tough Times
With a little help and love from her AA friends, she heads off to the bus for her 7 a.m. meeting

In My Darkest Hour

February 2020 | Tough Times
When he lost his wife after 51 years of marriage, he knew exactly what to do and where to go

Letter from the Editor

February 2020 | Tough Times

Dear Grapevine

February 2020 | Tough Times

Sharing my Secret

February 2020 | Tough Times
Angry and lonely, he stayed quiet about his reading skills. Then one day he was able to help others

Discussion topic

February 2020 | Tough Times
Getting through tough times

Open Up

February 2020 | Tough Times
A doorknob for a Higher Power? Some people just laugh at this, but one member thinks there’s a reason it might help someone


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