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Magazine Issue

At Wit’s End

August 2022 | Sober Travel


August 2022 | Sober Travel
In a tough prison after a relapse, his growing bond with a Higher Power assures him it’ll be OK

Knowing When to Leave

August 2022 | Sober Travel
Lost in the prestige of a highly stressful job, she used the AA tools to learn what was really important

We Can Do This

August 2022 | Sober Travel
It takes time and work, but a deaf member shows how to make AA meetings more accessible to all

Getting the service bug

August 2022 | Sober Travel
Land ho! If you stick around in the service pool long enough, your willingness to serve will be noticed

A mom they can rely on

August 2022 | Sober Travel
She tried to be a good parent, but liquor owned her. Now she’s someone her children can trust

A Place to Honor

August 2022 | Sober Travel
This house is more than a museum. We say, “Welcome home!” when folks walk up. This home is where people speak the language of the heart.

A Good Day to be Sober

August 2022 | Sober Travel
The love and care that cherished members gave her prepared her to pass it on in tough times

Living with Fear

August 2022 | Sober Travel
A marine, dealing with past trauma, shares how AA stopped his drinking and gave him a little peace

On the Front Lines

August 2022 | Sober Travel
Keeping his local Intergroup office running like a well-oiled machine is love and service—but it’s also a job


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