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See You Next Week

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
A chance visit to a long-ago meeting reminds a longtimer that much that we treasure in AA stays the same

Time to Adjust

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
It’s a sad reality that these issues have become tied to politics in many people’s minds, which makes how we treat each other in AA all the more important.

The Men’s table

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
What’s it like to transition after being sober for years in a home group? One member lovingly shares his journey

My Adventures in China

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
A member shares about staying sober and making friends far, far from home

More than music

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
A journey across the world to hear a favorite artist gave this member a trip he’ll never forget

Hold Me Safe

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
A dream, a storm and a letter to his dad helped him find his way to Step Two

Can’t Drink Away Grief

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
A construction worker shares his journey through terrible loss and how the sobriety he built held

A Matter of Prayer

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
How did these men and women get it? Did it fall from the sky? Did they learn it in Sunday school? Did they find it in the self-help section at a bookstore?
I don’t think so.

One breath at a time

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
Acceptance, peace, patience and gratitude... a longtimer shares about the gifts of prayer and meditation

Dancing Machine

November 2022 | Fun in Sobriety
I decided I was going to have fun—and I did. Some people would get close up to smell my breath. Even my sponsor asked if I had been drinking!


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