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The Worst Enemy

December 1976
It's our own choice whether to be proud and happy or degraded and miserable

Too Much Drunkalog?

December 1976
Sometimes, in our zeal to qualify ourselves as alcoholics, we forget to tell about our recovery

The Challenge to Ego in Tradition Five

November 1976
Squabbling ceased when the newcomer's needs turned the group to its primary purpose

Staying Half-green

October 1976
By remaining willing to listen and to share with others, we avoid becoming sour or overripe

The Most Important Job in AA

October 1976
Let's pay more attention to the office of GSR--it's the group's most vital link with AA as a whole

Do We Need Each Other?

July 1976
The first words this suffering drunk heard in AA came back to him in AA's First Tradition

We Get What We Give Back

June 1976
No matter whether the job is great or small, when you help the group, you help yourself

PO Box 1980

April 1976
The wonderful work detail


April 1976
Why do we worry too much about what others may think of us?

PO Box 1980

January 1976
Open letter to a physician


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