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No Room at the Church

December 1976
At first it seemed that the Christmas Eve AA meeting would be canceled

Do Your Own Thing--Period!

December 1976
Trouble taught the group:

Too Much Drunkalog?

December 1976
Sometimes, in our zeal to qualify ourselves as alcoholics, we forget to tell about our recovery

The Challenge to Ego in Tradition Five

November 1976
Squabbling ceased when the newcomer's needs turned the group to its primary purpose

The Anecdote Bin

November 1976
Dedicated to the lighter side of our common problem - From the August 1965 Grapevine

Give Me Liberty!

October 1976
In AA we demand - But that doesn't give us the right to push others around

Coming in on the Beam at Kennedy

October 1976
When there was need, a way was found

You Mean, Just Let Anybody In?

September 1976
Which of us, on first coming for help, was an asset to AA.?

What Ever Happened?

September 1976
Is our sophisticated search for "something else" leading us away from basic AA principles?

Once Over Lightly

August 1976
Sense and nonsense on the road to recovery


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