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Living My Life

November 2020 | Our Twelve Traditions
Life’s challenges keep unfolding for this old-timer.
So does the help we get when we reach out

My Monkey Mind

March 2020 | Puzzled
How right action stops his negative thinking and keeps him from swinging from the same old tree

When no one’s watching

March 2020 | Puzzled
Little routine things that cost him nothing and clear his conscience begin when he parks the car

Clearer than ever

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
A private investigator discovers that faith, not sight, would lead him out of the dark

More Than Enough

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
Fresh clothes, holding your head up, saying hi to neighbors, a warm cup of’s the little things

The parade in my head

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics

Looking for feathers

September 2019 | Young & Sober
An old-timer shares about honesty, laughter and paying attention to life’s subtle messages

The Invisible Life Raft

September 2019 | Young & Sober
After more than twenty years sobriety, he continues to be grateful to the program that saved him

Defining humility

July 2019 | The Prison Issue

No fly zone

September 2018
A final drunken trip to “the hole” woke him up. Now he has hope and some to share


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