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Truth works

Magazine Issue February 2021 | Topics Service/Into Action Sponsorship

Truth works

February 2021 | Sponsorship
Unsure of sponsoring a member inside San Quentin, he decided that honesty would be the way to go

Making Peace with the Holidays

Magazine Issue December 2020 | Topics Service/Into Action

Making Peace with the Holidays

December 2020 | Remote Communities + Sober Holidays
This Christmas Eve, a lonely newcomer learned that choosing joy was the way to go

Someone Who Understood

Magazine Issue November 2020 | Topics Family Getting through Adversity Homegroup/Meetings Personal Stories Spirituality

Someone Who Understood

November 2020 | Our Twelve Traditions
Hitting bottom would surely end his chance to adopt. Who on earth would let him raise their child now?

Welcome To 2020

Magazine Issue September 2020 | Topics Getting through Adversity Personal Stories Service/Into Action

Welcome To 2020

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
No meeting rooms? Share on camera? Unmute? How will we do this? COVID-19 kicked this old-timer’s program into high gear

Just Be Myself

August 2020 | LGBTQ+
A long-time member and past trustee shares about his journey serving beyond the group as a gay man

Keeping This Thing Afloat

Magazine Issue July 2020 | Topics Gratitude Homegroup/Meetings Service/Into Action


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