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This is AA

Magazine Issue June 2022 | Topics None

This is AA

June 2022 | Stories by Longtimers!
After his treatment stays, George was sure AA didn’t work. Then Jimmy met him at a meeting

Where are the Newcomers?

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
A member wonders if her group could explore some new ways to fulfill its primary purpose

Something had changed

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
I felt amazing. I went for a long walk on the sea wall in Vancouver, skipping over park benches and talking continuously with my Higher Power.

Borrowed Faith

May 2022 | 60th Anniversary of the Concepts
He was back in detox again, but this time was different. A fellow member helped open his soul

A Different Perspectıve

Magazine Issue May 2022 | Topics On the Cover Emotional Sobriety Service/Into Action Sponsorship

Something had changed

Magazine Issue May 2022 | Topics Service/Into Action Spirituality Sponsorship

Where are the Newcomers?

Magazine Issue May 2022 | Topics Beginners/Newcomers Homegroup/Meetings

Borrowed Faith

Magazine Issue May 2022 | Topics Spiritual Awakenings Spirituality

Always Changing

April 2022 | What's On Your Mind?
Like waves in the ocean, groups aren’t all the same. The way one flows may not be true for another


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