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Magazine Issue

Dear Grapevine August 2020

August 2020 | LGBTQ+

Restraint of Face

June 2020 | The Annual Prison Issue
Eye-rolling, sighing, sideways glances and head tilts...sometimes the defects we hold onto aren’t so verbal

I Laughed, He Laughed

May 2020 | Getting Into General Service
He took him to events, got him into service and even helped him take out the “garbage.” That was Delmar’s way

Turning Hope Into Faith

Web Exclusives | Grapevine Online Exclusives
Someday, the miracle will occur. It’s only a matter of time

Old-timer? Nah!

March 2020 | Puzzled
Sponsors still sponsor. Some are tough. Some, like me, are soft. Most sponsors are patient. I have had three and I owe them my life.

Big Smile, Bigger Heart

December 2019 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
He and the coach could not have been more different, but they made it work. Just ask Miss Myrna

Before we are halfway through

September 2019 | Young & Sober
A member takes us on a long, wonderful journey as she makes her Ninth Step amends and clears a path to freedom

Coffee or tea?

April 2019 | Relapse
Tradition Four is handy when choosing which beverage to serve, but what about when we decide on other Traditions?

He was our friend

April 2019 | Relapse
A member recalls a man who could not stop drinking, until the very end of his life

Our troublesome friend

March 2019 | What’s On Your Mind?
A group in Georgia struggles with how to handle a most unruly member


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