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To Value You More

April 2021 | Fun in Sobriety
One day in her Step study group, an oldtimer discovers something brand-new about Step Four. Proof that the learning and growing never stops

Grandpa’s Journal

April 2020 | Home Group
Tucked away under old dog tags and love letters was a worn-looking list of names. Could it be? Yep, it sure was

Grandpa’s Journal

Magazine Issue April 2020 | Topics Personal Stories

Closing argument

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics
Facing five years in jail, a sober dad stands before a judge and gets something much longer-lasting

Something positive

July 2019 | The Prison Issue

Growing up

June 2019 | Letting Go of Resentments
Another Fourth Step helps a dad let go of a long-time resentment toward his son

Bogged Down

April 2016
Trying to outrun Step Four made his life worse, but thankfully his sponsor tossed him a rope

Embroidering Resentments

April 2012
Years of AA and Step work showed him that he could cut the thread on his anger

You've got to give to get

June 2009
A loner on the fringes of AA finds the courage to seek out a sponsor

Fired up

May 2009
A lesson in putting God first in the Fifth Step


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