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Paradise not lost

October 2016
How a return to the scene of her darkest drinking became a beautiful experience

What I do owe

September 2016
Abandoned by a skid row father, a son struggles to make amends to him

No way out

September 2016
He escaped a troubled childhood by joining the army. But he couldn’t escape the bottle

Listening for 50 years

September 2016
In 1965, an old-timer heard the bartender say last call. Five decades later, he’s still using his ears

Let the Good Things Happen

July 2016
Thanks to a judge, this married couple has been sober and living their dreams for more than 50 wonderful years

The Man from AA

May 2016
We show up, we help out, we comfort the suffering alcoholic—because that’s what we do

The Last Time I Saw My Daughter

February 2016
Getting sober with her child wasn't easy, but what happened after Mother's Day was almost more than she could bear

I Used Every Tool I Had

February 2016
A fire destroyed everything she owned—but not her desire to stay sober

The Last Candle

February 2016
His daughter got an award that night, but he got an even better one


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