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And she waits...

December 2016
In a tiny rural village with no street lights and no AA, a woman brews a pot of coffee and reads

Big, Beautiful & Wild

December 2016
With grizzly bears and bighorn sheep for neighbors, how was he ever going to stay sober?

Happily Giving

December 2016
Oh, what a bag of goodies we have to share once we we get sober

Dying to be loved

November 2016
At age 20, liquor had done its job. It made her believe she had nothing to live for

Ordinary hero

November 2016
When it comes to going to any lengths, she’s reminded that she’s just another drunk

Bye bye, for now

November 2016
Even after many years, he still needs to change course and turn the ship to keep the focus on others

Precious & fragile

November 2016

Sober with no god

October 2016
How a nonbeliever got active, found his place in AA and has stayed sober for 26 years

Time to punt

October 2016
This high school coach was losing the drinking game. Then one day a fellow teacher handed him a winning play


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