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Getting connected

December 2021 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
Helping members plug in remotely during COVID-19 gave her valuable lessons she’ll never forget

Getting in the cloud

November 2021 | Prayer and Meditation
During COVID-19 a newcomer gets busy and opens himself and his group up to a new sober world

Attraction or promotion

November 2021 | Prayer and Meditation
A member discusses PSAs, Tradition Eleven and how AA presents itself to the outside world

Just the right medicine

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
She will always remember the professionals who helped her get to AA. Now it was her turn to give back

We show them

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
The doctors already got the lecture on alcoholism. Now it was time to witness a real live AA meeting

Talking to students

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
A member in Boston shares what it’s like to serve on a CPC committee that reaches out to future professionals in college

Paving the way

September 2021 | Young & Sober!
If someone hadn’t listed our meetings or delivered the pamphlets, how would we have known where to find help?

Best Insurance Ever

August 2021 | Seniors in AA
Working with a prisoner in a serious COVID lockdown delivered both of them tickets to some sanity and peace

Living Proof

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
A call to help a fellow member in a legal jam presents an opportunity to witness the love we show one another

Greeter? What’s a Greeter?

June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
Setting up chairs? Putting out the books? She’s thrilled to be sober, but what’s everyone talking about?


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