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Kindness of the Human Heart

June 2023 | Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
How a woman he once harmed taught him about forgiveness, love and being truly free

Reading & Healing

June 2023 | Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions
Invaluable questions in the “Twelve and Twelve” helped repair a mom’s relationship with her daughter

A Much Better View

April 2023 | AA & Families
With a little action and meditation, she can see the love, the hope, the gratitude and the trees

Checking the label

April 2023 | AA & Families
Thanks to AA, she stopped categorizing everyone. It was making her want to drink

Welcome home

April 2023 | AA & Families
It took a lot of time, patience and work before the kids allowed me back into their lives. Today, I’m a different mom. I’m a good mom.

Retired. Now what?

March 2023 | Get Into Service
After 34 years of being a boss, she’s not sure what comes next. Thankfully she knows to use her AA tools

Speaking of Trauma

March 2023 | Get Into Service
A longtime member shares his journey of buried wounds and the importance of getting outside help

Confessions of a Spreadsheet-Loving Nerd

March 2023 | Get Into Service
She found the service she loves, and it keeps on giving back

Learning to feel

February 2023 | Making Amends
Because of AA, her eyes, thoughts and heart are trained toward gratitude rather than self-pity today

Alcoholism at large

January 2023 | Spiritual Awakenings
Teens, drinking and chatting


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