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More Than Enough

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
Fresh clothes, holding your head up, saying hi to neighbors, a warm cup of’s the little things

I Cried as Much as He Did

December 2019 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
He didn’t like hospitals—not the smells nor the food. But this day, he discov-ered something really special that made him want to come back

Watch Your Aim!

December 2019 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
After a meeting takes a wrong turn, a member has a few thoughts about “principles before personalities”

Gone fishing

October 2019 | Is AA Accessible to all who need it?
A member in Canada fondly recalls his early days and reminds us of surrender and contentment

The color of love

December 2018 | Sober for the Holidays and Remote Communities
In a big red house in San Francisco, heart after heart opens as AA shows up at his door

The Perfect Interview

January 2018 | Sponsorship
Bottle down, tie on, all ready to go. He was going to get this job. He just knew it. So why was everyone staring at him?

Something to Ease the Pain

February 2016
For his diagnosis, he stayed close to his doctor. To stay sober, he got a new sponsee

Turning Points

February 2016
A sober mom recalls how her most painful experience turned into a source of hope for others

A Place in the Sun

February 2016
As the dolphins leaped and his daughter smiled, he knew his Higher Power had brought him to this moment


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