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Two Hands Reaching In

February 2022 | Getting Through Tough Times
A member in prison shares gratitude for the love and guidance he gets from men going to any lengths on the outside

A Loving Guide

February 2022 | Getting Through Tough Times
A lifelong atheist shares how he participates in his AA group’s decisions

The Front Lines

January 2022 | Beginners
Dimly lit rooming houses, emergency rooms, even rooftops— he keeps reaching out. And once in a good while they reach back

In all our affairs

December 2021 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
A month later I was in a prostate cancer survivor group. It became clear to me that by using what I learned in my AA program, I was able to help other cancer patients as well as myself.

My Texas pen pal

November 2021 | Prayer and Meditation
For 17 years, they shared everything—all the joys, challenges and pain. Now they’ll get to meet

Caution: Busy life

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
Work, travel, could she ever get to enough meetings? The answer was just a phone call away

Getting the word out

October 2021 | Cooperation With Professionals (CPC)
Even during a pandemic, this CPC committee is helping professionals learn about AA

Reason to Celebrate

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
With only a few months in AA, how would she ever get through July Fourth sober? Luckily, she had a plan

Mission accomplished

February 2021 | Sponsorship
A trip to help a sick sponsee becomes a powerful reminder of the message and love we get to pass on

We Never Give Up

February 2021 | Sponsorship
A man from Nepal reminds him that we don’t have the power to get people sober. We just hope and keep reaching out


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