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Words Matter

December 2019 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
Some transgender alcoholics have met with resistance when they come into AA seeking our help. Here we can practice Traditions Three and Five.


October 2018
This sober businesswoman’s career really took off, but her program ran out of steam

Lying on my resume

October 2018
The “secrets of success” he heard at meetings taught him a valuable lesson about honesty

Work buddies

October 2018
A member involved in CPC work tells how his drunken past helps him to be useful on the job

Willpower vs. Willingness

May 2017
Coming into AA, his willpower was weak, but his willingness strong; it made all the difference in the world in getting him sober

Miracle in Hollywood

April 2017
After years of relapsing, he finally connected to AA at a recovery house in the town known for making dreams come true

Going Down

June 2016
He was escorted to the elevators the day he was fired. Then booze escorted him to AA

Time to Rotate

February 2016
A sure way to grow is to become a trusted servant, but an even better way is to step down and let others have a chance

Go the Extra Mile

February 2016
A desperate call on a rainy night reminds a sober mom of our Responsibility Statement

Stone by Stone

January 2016
Drinking weakened his home’s foundation but sobriety made it tall and strong


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