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The White Flag of Surrender

December 1976
AA freed him of remorse and enabled him to serve is God when he finally raised

A Gift Unexpected

December 1976
When the miracle happened, that cold December 24 became a day in summer

Sober for Thirty Years

November 1976
One of the earliest members of the first New York AA group, he was also its first "self-proclaimed atheist" - From the May 1968 Grapevine

Professor Winkley Invents the Pill

November 1976
Winkley's AA friend is supposed to be the first to try it, but he doesn't after all. . . - From the July 1967 Grapevine

PO Box 1980

October 1976
Is there always another chance?

PO Box 1980

October 1976
Two views on 'other problems'

Absolute Honesty

October 1976
For five years nobody in her group knew about her two Bloody Marys

Plain, Unvarnished Truth

September 1976
We need to hear it if we are ever to face it and go on to recovery

PO Box 1980

August 1976
Freedom from pot

My Plastic Conscience

August 1976
It was a scientifically calibrated wonder gadget designed for controlled drinking


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