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As the Spirit Moves Us

February 2021 | Sponsorship
On a remote dogsledding trip, a member has a tense white-knuckle moment and his connection with a Higher Power breaks free

The payoff is Peace

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
After a phenomenal amount of pain, he came to believe and a little darkness lifted off his soul

Open Up

February 2020 | Tough Times
A doorknob for a Higher Power? Some people just laugh at this, but one member thinks there’s a reason it might help someone

The answer to my prayer

September 2019 | Young & Sober
He was constantly searching for this Higher Power thing. Then one day in a meeting he found it

From my back pocket to my heart

April 2019 | Relapse
A sober pastor thanks AA for helping him find his way back to God

Simple rules

February 2019 | Stories by Our Longtime Members
She came to believe in AA. Now, at 88, she passes it on and keeps it uncomplicated

Many powers greater than me

February 2019 | Stories by Our Longtime Members
Although she’s unsure, she just keeps praying. Something seems to be working

Our connected energy

January 2019 | Stories for Day Counters!
The power in the rooms that helped her stop drinking also expanded her faith

Plugging in

July 2018
When AAs get together, something powerful happens, he says. It’s up to us to join in

The little voice in my head

May 2018
The help he got from Steps Six and Seven brought him right back around to Step Two.


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