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A Tough Climb

August 2016
Filled with resentment and lots of prayer, a Missouri mom trudges to her daughter’s birthday and is met with an unexpected gift

Love, Returned

March 2016
With the help of AA, a Navy man gets sober and begins to right wrongs with his family

Stone by Stone

January 2016
Drinking weakened his home’s foundation but sobriety made it tall and strong

That Old Hippie

January 2016
Now that she has some sober time, she’s ready to start dating again. But this guy?

A Box of Pears

November 2015
All she could give her mother was a little fruit, until someone’s share helped her give forgiveness

I Get To Be With Her

September 2015

My Superhero

September 2015
A father begins to made amends to the daughters he was once too drunk to love

Trouble Calling

September 2014
A newcomer learns the hard way that when it comes to romance, keep your sponsor on speed dial

"Forgive me, Pats!"

June 2014
The death of his wife made him look back on the amends he had made in the past

September 2013: 25 Years of Regret

September 2013
Clearing the shame from a past marriage brought a few pleasant surprises


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