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Oh Lord!

December 2016
When it comes to saying the Lord’s Prayer, one member offers his own helpful interpretation

You Just Never Know

November 2016
Ring the alarm! There’s a disruptive member in the room

A Benevolent Guardian

November 2016
They showed him love though he was still drunk. It was their primary purpose

A hundred miles of bad road

November 2016
His grandfather told him he was headed the wrong way. He sure wishes he’d listened

We share common ground

October 2016

Shoes to live for

September 2016
A woman in spike heels kept him sober that night. How did she know all his secrets?

What hope looks like

September 2016
How a woman’s tragic accident became a beautiful asset

Bumpy decision

August 2016
A sober doctor learns that finding just the right sponsor can be a contact sport

On to the Next Town

July 2016
No matter what city you find yourself in, wonderful service awaits you

Out of the gutter

June 2016
With the Steps at their back, they take their aim.These sober bowlers are striking it big and sparing nothing but joy


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