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What’s Best for the Group

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
A member in Oregon shares her thoughts about one of our most important Traditions

Staying put

February 2019 | Stories by Our Longtime Members

Time to let go

January 2019 | Stories for Day Counters!
His strong wish for a 90-minute meeting may not have lasted, but unity sure did

The sweet side of the mountain

January 2019 | Stories for Day Counters!
Way up in the lofty peaks of Colorado high country, was a meeting two city gals won’t soon forget

Educating Pamela

February 2018 | Title Goes Here
Once drunk in a pile of ungraded papers, a teacher gets schooled on how to stay sober and get her joy back

Keeping it safe

February 2018 | Title Goes Here

Unity Disrupted

January 2018 | Issue Title Goes here
An awkward incident at a morning meeting enlightens some members about our common welfare

OK for this day

November 2017 | Issue Title Here
She got sober just in time to face a breakup and a new baby—and her sponsor’s words held true

Holy smoke, what now!

May 2017
Nearly half a century ago, our co-founder expressed a few thoughts about young people and inclusiveness

What’s good for the group

January 2017
Through lots of trial and error, a member learns the importance of AA unity


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