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Facing Our Fears

June 2020 | The Annual Prison Issue
His group was supporting an outside event.
Who would speak up?
Would he?

Facing Our Fears

Magazine Issue June 2020 | Topics None

I don't work here

June 2019 | Letting Go of Resentments
While taking meetings into a hospital detox, a member finds it’s important to say that he’s just another drunk

This is AA

June 2018
George thought this AA thing wasn’t for him at first. Luckily, after treatment, Mike took him to his home group

Raising the roof

June 2016
For a motion to raise money to fix up a church, Tradition Six hit the nail on the head

One stitch at a time

March 2016
An old-timer finds out it’s never too late to dive back in like a newcomer

Sign of the Times

June 2015
A group in Canada struggles with change after a new member raises an uncomfortable question

Staying out of the Swamp

June 2014
A member learns to not let money, property or prestige bog us down from our primary purpose

June 2013: Lending the AA name?

June 2013
Tradition Six reminds us to be careful not to endorse

January 2013: Preen Like a Peacock

January 2013
He learned the hard way that being right is not the way to fly


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