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Time to live

January 2021 | Oldtimers!
Though she only drank for a few years, it was bad enough to stop early. And what a gift it is to enjoy a long, full, sober life

Somewhere in the Catskills

January 2021 | Oldtimers!
Sobriety can take us on some interesting adventures when we remember to keep reaching out

Time to be kind

December 2020 | Remote Communities + Sober Holidays
Through a little faith and effort, a husband’s longtime holiday resentment becomes a gift to someone he loves

Endless Possibilities

November 2020 | Our Twelve Traditions
While a cruise ship travel agent’s business is in rough waters, a world of AA service keeps her afloat

Room in My Heart

November 2020 | Our Twelve Traditions
Today I decided to write out my thoughts and share them with someone I have learned to trust. That’s how we build bridges of trust and understanding.

Collective Conscience

October 2020 | Money and Sobriety
We cooperate to help the alcoholic. Our Twelve Concepts show us the way

Deliver With Care

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
The house had two communal copies of the Big Book, and that was all. My new sponsee had very little money, so I got her a copy of each book.

Welcome To 2020

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
No meeting rooms? Share on camera? Unmute? How will we do this? COVID-19 kicked this old-timer’s program into high gear

Off to Portland

September 2020 | Living Sober Group
She once thought drinking was the only way to have a happy life. Discovering YPAA events changed all that

Their Sharing Brought Me Back

Web Exclusives | Grapevine Online Exclusives
Losing jobs, losing marriages, losing hope—until AA gave him the solution


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