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Back to Real Life

Magazine Issue November 2020 | Topics COVID-19 AA Literature Homegroup/Meetings Personal Stories Technology

Back to Real Life

November 2020 | Our Twelve Traditions
In the era of virtual AA meetings, a member in New York rethinks the role of technology in his life

A Celebration of AA’s 85 Years

July 2020 | AA Around The World
The chair of the General Service Board shares her love for AA’s language of the heart

Working on The Inside

June 2020 | The Annual Prison Issue
Thanks to the literature, some inmates in Utah are determined to stay sober and go through the Steps

The Sweet Smell of Coffee

April 2020 | Home Group
On a hill in Upstate New York, he found a place to stay sober and help other guys

The Sweet Smell of Coffee

Magazine Issue April 2020 | Topics AA Literature Gratitude Homegroup/Meetings Service/Into Action

Sharing my Secret

February 2020 | Tough Times
Angry and lonely, he stayed quiet about his reading skills. Then one day he was able to help others

Cutting Back

February 2020 | Tough Times
Not only has he stopped slurring and weaving all over the yard, but he now has a much nicer lawn

Not My Finest Hour

February 2020 | Tough Times
A member says it’s OK to share that we’re not always grateful and that we’re not having a wonderful day

Sharing my Secret

Magazine Issue February 2020 | Topics AA Literature Beginners/Newcomers Getting through Adversity Gratitude Personal Stories Sponsorship


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