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Mission accomplished

February 2021 | Sponsorship
A trip to help a sick sponsee becomes a powerful reminder of the message and love we get to pass on

All Aboard

February 2021 | Sponsorship
General service is like being in the middle of the boat. And the more he participates, the bigger the boat gets

Speaking up

February 2021 | Sponsorship
After much work in sobriety, she now has courage and a voice. Tradition Two helps show her the way

We Never Give Up

February 2021 | Sponsorship
A man from Nepal reminds him that we don’t have the power to get people sober. We just hope and keep reaching out

It Just Might Change Your Life

February 2021 | Sponsorship
Fishing, driving to meetings and talking AA. He’ll always cherish time spent with his grandsponsors

Just Following Suggestions

February 2021 | Sponsorship
Someone wrecked his new car, and boy did they need a good cussing out! Luckily, his sponsor had a better idea

Wait! he’s your sponsor?

February 2021 | Sponsorship
I was told rather forcefully by my sponsor that I should celebrate for the newcomer—not myself. I finally agreed to go.

Sisters of the Heart

February 2021 | Sponsorship
A lucky crew of women dives into AA and forms a beautiful bond over many years and miles

Truth works

February 2021 | Sponsorship
Unsure of sponsoring a member inside San Quentin, he decided that honesty would be the way to go

Fired Once a Year

February 2021 | Sponsorship
Patience, joy, expectations and hope. Four decades of sponsoring has been one hell of a journey.


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