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Little Do We Know

Magazine Issue May 2021 | Topics Emotional Sobriety Getting through Adversity Gratitude Spirituality

One Primary Purpose

Magazine Issue May 2021 | Topics Homegroup/Meetings Service/Into Action Spirituality

Sharing Everything

Magazine Issue May 2021 | Topics Spirituality Sponsorship

Never More Awake

Magazine Issue May 2021 | Topics Gratitude Spirituality Sponsorship

Little Do We Know

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
Sometimes what we think we want is not nearly as good as the way things turn out

One Primary Purpose

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
Their group has hot coffee, donuts, comfy seats and all three shades.
But the most important thing of all is the message they carry

Sharing Everything

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
Who knew he’d have a spiritual experience telling his secrets one morning to
a man he barely knew?

Never More Awake

May 2021 | Our Twelve Steps
When I began taking others through the Steps, I noticed a feeling wash over me. I began to understand how my own story could benefit another.

Sobriety and My Spiritual Journey

Web Exclusives | Grapevine Online Exclusives
If he stays connected, his Higher Power always provides “a door to a new and better place”

Trains, Dogs & Drums

April 2021 | Fun in Sobriety
A nice marriage, a beautiful new three bedroom house and a good sober life. Why was he so annoyed?


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