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When I’m Ready

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
Now that she’s free, she can listen for the voice, feel the faith and use the strength to pass on the love

The heart has is reason

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
From a secular childhood in Kansas to a sober life of spiritual awareness was not as far as it seemed

Ride Share

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
Tired, worried and desperate for a meeting, a newcomer hits the road and meets an angel at the wheel

Best Hamburger Ever

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
How a much needed meal served up the ingredients for repeated acts of kindness

Even more Valuable

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
How a heated Big Book study one day led to a rigorous discussion about AA, money and wealth

Grandpa’s Promise

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue
The journey to have his shortcomings removed turned out to be a gift from the one he loved most

Letter from the Editor July 2021

July 2021 | The Annual Prison Issue

When Things Happen

June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
A longtime member ponders what to do when home group conflicts arise

Down but Happy

June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
It’s hard being in this prison. I’m celebrating my anniversary alone. Working a program of recovery in prison can be a lonely road to walk.


June 2021 | Dating & Relationships
When he does the Steps, character defects get lifted. But is today the day to be ready to look at this five-syllable word?


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