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December 2012: Cracked Pipes

December 2012
A post-holiday emergency knocked her right off her pink cloud

December 2012: Pickin' and Grinnin' for Santa

December 2012
Members in Virginia celebrate the holidays with songs and music from the heart

December 2012: I made it!

December 2012
A newcomer gets through his first holiday—just by the skin of his teeth

December 2012: Where did the party go?

December 2012
Birthday boy gets a big surprise at his first sober yuletide event

December 2012: Stopped by the Cops

December 2012
An encounter at the mall changes three peoples' lives forever

December 2012: Tired of AA

December 2012
After 20 years of recovery, he let go of the gift that saved his life

December 2012: The Incredible Hulk

December 2012
Hospitals, jails and DUIs … when he drank, there was no stopping him

December 2012: A Day in the Park

December 2012
After years of alcoholic hell, watching birds fly and flowers bloom doesn't seem so bad

December 2012: Let's be frank

December 2012
Comforting words from a school principal helped this newcomer relax

December 2012: On the Air

December 2012
Sober ham radio operators carry the message into the clouds


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