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December 2013: Unwrapped

December 2013
This year, her gifts did not come in a box

December 2013: Recipe for a sober holiday

December 2013
How to stay away from the Yuletide sauce? A member whips up some ingredients that work

December 2013: Simple gifts

December 2013
How a family trip to buy holiday presents opened her heart to forgiveness

December 2013: Sophie’s cake

December 2013
A long holiday drive to see the in-laws … so what’s wrong with having some sweets?

December 2013: Alone for the holidays

December 2013
Her AA friends were all leaving town, and she was miles away from home. Sponsor to the rescue!

December 2013: Late night at the drive-thru

December 2013
A guy who answers the AA phones gets a different perspective at 3 a.m.

December 2013: Scared to be seen

December 2013
A newcomer gets assured right away about anonymity in AA

December 2013: Christmas in a bar

December 2013
The call to come home pierced his empty soul. It was from his 12-year-old son

December 2013: 20 reasons

December 2013
After 20 glorious sober years, a woman expresses her gratitude

December 2013: Flight from Omaha

December 2013
Most Twelfth-Step calls are down in the trenches, but sometimes they’re up in the air


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