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Changing Boats

November 2013
The fellowship he found in the rooms was much more real than the one he found in the bars

December 2013: Still got my marbles

November 2013
It was just a game until booze entered the picture

Dire Reckonings

November 2013
He went home to die from alcoholism, but found himself in an AA meeting instead

I Fell off the Apple Tree

November 2013
Despite his intentions, he became an alcoholic much like his father

A Friendly Face

November 2013
She learned some important lessons from an unlikely place

Getting Undrunk

November 2013
An AA shares her experience of her first year of not drinking

Letter from Finland

November 2013
After a childhood corroded by alcohol, she turned to it as an adult to dull the misery

Living Without Drinking

November 2013
While living in a halfway house, he learned how to stay sober through service

November 2013: The Beauty Queen

November 2013
The prettiest woman in school never knew how much she helped him

November 2013: My Big Weekend

November 2013
After 40 years, little disappointments don’t get in his way


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