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An Acronym for Sobriety

March 2014
A members shares with us a tool for staying sober

Back on Track

March 2014
She admitted to her sponsor that she had been secretly drinking

Before and After

March 2014
Until he came into AA, you couldn't trust him with a bag of marbles

With Complete Abandon

March 2014
After many relapses and false starts she heard something in a meeting that changed everything

The Day It Ended

March 2014
He reached his bottom while sitting in a psychiatrist's office with his wife and son

Finally At Peace

March 2014
The Promises came true for her after she worked the Steps with her sponsor

At the Fish Fry

March 2014
While looking for a grand spiritual experience, he came to see that his awakening was the result of many moments along the way

Be Here Now

March 2014
He saw that using his phone during a meeting wasn't just impolite, it was bad for his recovery

Just the Facts

March 2014
The first 164 pages contained all the solutions she needed

Keeper of Secrets

March 2014
A fear of being honest was a stumbling block to getting sober


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