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Acerca del alcoholismo

July 2014
Aspectos médicos, legales y sociales del alcoholismo

Brighter Day

July 2014
Now that's he sober, he's counting the days of his life, not the days until his death

The Changes in Light

July 2014
A newcomer recalls the months and seasons of her first year sober

A Cold January Night

July 2014
The night that he tried to end his life would wind up being the night his life began again

A Different Ending

July 2014
In AA, we get the chance to write the rest of the story without alcohol

Down and Out in Palm Springs

July 2014
He ran as far away from his feelings as he could, until they caught up with him the Calfornia desert

Home Group at Rio Rancho

July 2014
For years, he jumped from meeting to meeting until he learned the value of a place called home

Later in Life

July 2014
She thought she was different from others, but came to see that she was just a garden variety alcoholic

To Lift his Spirits

July 2014
After an AA mom’s son lands in jail for drunken driving, she learns to stay sober and let go


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