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Ask for Help. Pause. Pray.

July 2016
Getting sober later in life, this child of the ‘60s faced down divorce and bankruptcy, and found the solution in a Higher Power and plenty of laughter

Back In Orange

July 2016

Broken promises

July 2016
She always meant to take her son to the park, but her hangovers kept getting in the way

Clang of Steel

July 2016

Dear Grapevine

July 2016

Don’t Drink and Don’t Die

July 2016
Three decades in AA taught him how to use the tools of the program to stay alive through the pain—and deep joy—of living one day at a time in sobriety

Drama Queen

July 2016
It took a run-in with his daughter and wife to see he had a little more Step work to do

Final Chance

July 2016
She was struck drunk again and again for two years, then found herself in detox with a final chance to become willing

Follow the Donuts

July 2016
After 20 years of liquor and prison, he was served a treat he couldn't refuse


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