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Alcoholism at large

January 2017

Back to the surface

January 2017
Feelings and events may take her down, but she now has the tools to come right back up

Better Late Than Never?

January 2017
It isn’t your age that counts when you come into the program, it’s your willingness, as one older newcomer discovers

Cheat Sheet To Sobriety

January 2017
The period from five to ten can be a little dangerous if AA’s turn complacent, but one woman has found a solution

Coming home

January 2017
At a troubled time, he did the right thing and went home to be of service. He was met with some beautiful surprises

The Day The Obsession Lifted

January 2017
After numerous relapses, a newcomer desperate for a drink allows someone else to take the wheel—and sees a glimmer of hope on the road ahead

Dear Grapevine

January 2017

Discussion Topic

January 2017
Emotional sobriety

Editors letter

January 2017

A Family Like No Other

January 2017
Sober for the first time at 61, this woman offers a prayer of gratitude for the welcoming family she found in the AA rooms


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