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100 quilts

February 2017
How a drunken grandma put down the bottle and began to patch together a warm, useful life

This Ain’t the gourmet bean

February 2017

Alcoholism At Large

February 2017
Drinking and family repercussions

Aloha, Long-Timer!

February 2017
Separated by nearly half a century of sobriety time, one woman thanks another for her powerful message of inspiration and hope

Backseat driver

February 2017
Luckily for this alcoholic, service turned out to be what it usually is—a two-way street

Big Sis

February 2017
Years of pent-up hurt and rage at her brother had gone far enough. So she prayed and picked up the phone

Black belt

February 2017
This martial arts expert had a complete grip on everything around him. Well, almost everything

The Bus

February 2017
After a slip, she had a stark choice: Ride the AA bus to sobriety, or get off at the liquor store

Chubby gods, skinny gods

February 2017
A newcomer’s journey with Step Two was a mighty voyage, but one thing for sure, she was willing

Close call in Botswana

February 2017
After a big move and a lot of traveling, she let AA slip away. Then one evening in Africa, an old visitor arrived


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