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The big shot

July 2018
He got fired, his wife just had a baby and he was in big legal trouble. Boy, did he need a drink

Brewing new ideas

July 2018
When a group treasurer discovered a financial predicament, the members stepped up with a plan

A date to remember

July 2018
Dinner, movie and Twelfth Step call. Sounds like the perfect evening

Dear Grapevine

July 2018

Discussion Topic

July 2018
Doing AA prison service

End run

July 2018
His prison was filled with alcohol and drugs, but luckily he began to do laps with a guy named Skyler

Experience, Strength and Hope

July 2018
He was such a nice guy—why did everyone abandon him? Maybe it was that bottle that contained self-pity as well as vodka

Father and Son

July 2018
Their sobriety date is six week apart. They’ve shared the same joy, pain and love as their lives opened up in sobriety

Following orders

July 2018
For years, a drunken Navy man stayed out of trouble. But one day, his wife and boss called him in


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