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At the Crossroads of My Alcoholism

July 2011
He had reached that place where he couldn't imagine life with alcohol, nor life without it

August 2011: Sober Transplant

July 2011
Kidney surgery took her 500 miles from home, but brought her closer to the Fellowship

August 2011: Fractured Friendship

July 2011
Two women, inseparable in drinking and sobriety, until one relapses

The Birdsong in Prison

July 2011
A sober inmate hears in the birdsong the sounds of what it used to be like and what it's like now

Coming Home

July 2011
He was adrift from himself and the promise of his early life until he found the safe harbor of AA

In the County Workhouse

July 2011
A sober man makes amends for his DUIs by taking meetings to imprisoned drunk drivers

Getting Past the Denial

July 2011
Seeing her best friend get sober, she could no longer pretend that her drinking wasn't a problem

God's Confetti

July 2011
A sudden flutter of butterflies provides this AA with a glimpse of the presence of his higher power

The Godometer on My Bike

July 2011
Traveling across the Arizona desert, a biker clocks the miles like turning the pages of the Big Book

Growing Up on the Farm

July 2011
It all began as a good time in a small farming community, but the good times wouldn’t last


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