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10-78, Over and Out

September 2011
A cop realizes he needs assistance and requires back up to deal with his alcoholism

After the Fire

September 2011
Upon completing a Fifth Step, a member experiences a powerful connection with her higher power

Beginners Meeting

September 2011
In "The Missing Bottle," a woman's plans to continue drinking are stymied when her secret stash goes missing

Built on Rock

September 2011
He learned that a strong belief in a higher power was the foundation he needed to stay sober

Emotional Sobriety

September 2011
From Chapter 4, A Program of Action

Emotional Sobriety

September 2011
From Section 2, Out of Isolation

Facing Our Fears

September 2011
Getting sober was only the first spiritual challenge she was able to face with the help of AA

Family and Relationships

September 2011
In, "A Family Trip Remembered," a sober man looks back at an early intervention by his mother during his teenage years

The Garden of the Present Moment

September 2011
A Buddhist in AA talks about how through sobriety, he was able to truly practice his faith

In Our Own Words: Stories of Young AAs in Recovery

September 2011
From Section 1, What We Used To Be Like


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