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November 1973

Victor E.

November 1973

AA Tomorrow

November 1973
Our co-founder sums up after 25 years of AA and looks into the future we are now living - From the Grapevine book AA Today, published on the occasion of AA's twenty-fifth anniversary

Platform Manner

November 1973
A voice from the past with a familiar ring today - From the May 1948 Grapevine

Thank God for My Despair

November 1973
Our struggles with discontent and unrest lead us to ever-higher levels of living and learning - From the June 1965 Grapevine

One Doctor--an AA--TO Another

November 1973
This letter was published by special permission of Dr. A. S. T. It was written to a doctor in Abilene, Tex., in response to his inquiry concerning the approach to and the treatment of two alcoholic patients under his care. - From the July 1947 Grapevine

Wisdom for Twelfth-steppers

November 1973
A reminder that our attention to others needs to be pursued in deep humility - From the April 1954 Grapevine

Spectators in AA

November 1973
There are those who really try to work the program and still have trouble. Then there are others who stand on the sidelines waving a flag - From the October 1951 Grapevine

The Public's Opinion

November 1973
This 24-year-old expression of concern for our Traditions carries even greater weight for AA in today's world - From the November 1949 Grapevine

God Is Not Yourself

November 1973
Paul de Kruif, author of "The Microbe Hunters," "Life Among the Doctors," and other writings, helped greatly in carrying word of AA to the public - From the July 1951 Grapevine


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