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April 2019 | Relapse

My first 600 meetings

October 2018
Have you ever been disturbed by the member who reeks of booze? Here’s his story

Clear head, grateful heart

May 2018
A mother recalls the dark days of her drinking and shares gratitude for the program and the beautiful morning sky

The Sun in My Eyes

January 2015
A story of two different mornings and a lifetime in between

Sober in Kokomo

November 2014
A relapse during his retirement in Florida brought him home

To Those Who Wait …

October 2014
After not drinking for 25 years, he picked up. Now he has four years sober in AA

Something Was Wrong

September 2014
She had always sensed that things weren't right; but she didn't know it was alcoholism

Getting Sober at 51

August 2014
Although she had tried many times before, one day proved different than all the rest

Golden Boy

May 2014
His life seemed full of promise until he began to treat his fear with alcohol

Keeper of Secrets

March 2014
A fear of being honest was a stumbling block to getting sober


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