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Magazine Issue

Dear Grapevine

April 2020 | Home Group

Dear Grapevine April 2020

Magazine Issue April 2020 | Topics Beginners/Newcomers Emotional Sobriety Fun in Sobriety Grapevine Literature Gratitude Humor Letters from Readers (Dear Grapevine) Service/Into Action Spirituality What's On Your Mind? (opinion)

Dear Grapevine

March 2020 | Puzzled

Dear Grapevine March 2020

Magazine Issue March 2020 | Topics Letters from Readers (Dear Grapevine)

Staying Alive

March 2020 | Puzzled
After 44 years of sobriety, he’s convinced this serenity business isn’t half bad

Staying Alive

Magazine Issue March 2020 | Topics Diversity in AA Emotional Sobriety Family Gratitude Letters from Readers (Dear Grapevine) Sponsorship

Early Warning Signs

| Grapevine Online Exclusives
It was clear that he was battling alcoholism—clear to everyone but him, that is

Coming to Believe

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
After 29 years of sobriety, a member gets a completely new understanding of Step Two

One book’s journey

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
The making of the book Our Great Responsibility: A Selection of Bill W.’s General Service Conference Talks (1951-1970)

The great fact is

May 2019 | Our Big Book–80 Wonderful Years
A member shares a firsthand account of the ceremony to celebrate the first Navajo Big Book


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