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Reporting for Duty

January 2020 | Spiritual Awakenings
He thought his long, distinguished service career was over. Turns out he had more giving back to do

One Won’t Hurt

December 2019 | Remote Communities & Sober Holidays
An outing with old friends, a nice restaurant and a delicious martini. What could possibly go wrong?

Popping up everywhere

April 2019 | Relapse
His fear of past wrongs overwhelming him was put to rest with a thorough Step Four

Broad highway

December 2018 | Sober for the Holidays and Remote Communities
Every Thursday night, Calvin and others meet under the bridge on College Street

Have kit will travel

June 2018
You never know when you’ll need a little help staying sober on the road

Step Twelve

March 2018
Seeking a way to stay in the present moment, rather than lamenting yesterday and fearing tomorrow, he discovers Step Twelve

Just A Phone Call Away

October 2017
A distraught AA reached out his hand for help and, 2000 miles away, another AA grasped it

Lunch & service

August 2017
When she took out her sandwich, he got to see what a special worker she was

Yesterday’s mistakes

April 2017

God On Every Page

October 2016
When he opened the Big Book for the first time, he thought ... How will I ever fit in?


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