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Finding myself

January 2019 | Stories for Day Counters!
An emotional journey to find her birth mother revealed a beautiful truth of her own

Land of the giants

December 2018 | Sober for the Holidays and Remote Communities
They taught him who he was and how to live. They were the members who gave him his start

Not sure yet

May 2017
A past delegate shares how his group welcomes newcomers who don’t yet know if they belong

As I Closed My Eyes

November 2015

Reflecting on the Past

December 2014
A beautiful view of a mountain lake gives him gratitude for how far he's come

Thoughts on the Traditions

July 2014
An AA wonders if we are welcoming enough to newcomers

May 2013: Up in Smoke

May 2013
On a quiet back road in Louisiana, he lit a flame that celebrated a brand new man

February 2013: The "Right" Way

February 2013
On the road to the moral high ground, one man is grateful he switched maps

November 2012: I Love New York

November 2012

August 2012: Blessed with the Memory of My Pain

August 2012
He hit bottom hard and didn't want to forget


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