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Kind, Benevolent, Caring

March 2021 | Making Amends
My life then could not have been described as safe and secure, caring and kind, or filled with unconditional love and joy. I found all that when I got to AA.

Choosing to Decide

March 2020 | Puzzled
He’s at the turning point. Can he give up the idea that he can run his life the way he always has before

Closing argument

November 2019 | Grapevine Classics
Facing five years in jail, a sober dad stands before a judge and gets something much longer-lasting

Back From Hell

April 2016
At 20 years, he decided to take a break from AA. What followed was years of detoxes, psych wards and pain

Dear Grapevine

November 2015

A Different Shade

March 2015
Once her sponsor showed her how to put down the broad brush, things brightened up

Wild in Hong Kong

January 2015
A teen lets loose in the bar district and finds it’s much harder to stop than she thought

The Spiritual Journey in Corpus Christi

April 2014
In sobriety, she was able to build a relationship with a Higher Power

February 2013: That Big Green Thing

February 2013
How a mysterious metal box helped him begin to believe

February 2013: 12-Step Turtle

February 2013
How a backyard red-eared slider showed her the way to Step Two


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